Night Sky Photography

explore the wonders of space 

What is astrophotography? 

Astrophotography is simply taking pictures of the night sky and heaveans above the earth. It all begins with professional DSLR cameras, such as Nikon and Canon. But there is more to astrophotography than just photographing the night sky. it's about experiening the new tools like adobe lightroom and that are used to manipulate astrophotos into something stunning and unimaginable. Similarly, you can organize your astrophotos in lightroom and use the advanced setting to alter the appearance of your pictures. After all, it's about having the right tool and moment which might help you enjoy the beauty of astrophotography. 

Four primary types of astrophotography:

  1. Simple fixed tripod shots 
  2. Piggyback tracked shots 
  3. Through the scope via prime focus 
  4. Through the scope via eyepiece projection

For Mllky Way Shooting ONLY...
  1. Set the focus to infinity before it’s dark
  2. Use a wide angle lens (18mm is recomended)
  3. Use the RAW image format, at the highest ISO setting
  4. Mount the camera on a sturdy tripod
  5. Set the lens to its lowest f-stop
  6. Shoot 20-30 second exposures
  7. Take about five dark exposures (more on this later)

For deep sky obects

You can get an mage like this...

Full manual control:
The Orion Constellation 
Set your camera to infinity 
  • Aperture: f/3.5
  • Shutter speed: 2"5
  • ISO: 1600
  • Image effect: On auto 
  • White balance: Daylight
  • Auto image correction: High 
  • Self-timer: 10 seconds
  • Image quality: RAW

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